Be A Gift-Giving Hero With Two Limited-Edition Cider Surprises

Listen, socks are great and we could all use a gift card, but if you’re stumped for something special and truly gift-worthy to wrap up this year, you’ve come to the right blog post.

This holiday season, we’re releasing not one but two limited libations that are perfect for gift-giving surprises, holiday-party provisions, or just cozying up at
home and keeping the cold at bay.

A Surprising Update to A Seasonal Tradition

No need to show up to holiday parties empty-handed when Lost Giants has your back. Our fan-favorite seasonal Rosé Cider returns for the chilly months in a new 12oz size and an easy-to-carry six-pack!

Trust us: you’ll get a warmer welcome than Santa himself when you come bearing a six-pack (or two) of our seasonal staple in brand-new and beautifully cheerful 12oz cans!

This festive seasonal varietal comes in $16 six-packs and is a limited release made possible by our collaboration with Bellewood Farms.

The red flesh of their Mountain Rose apple gives this cider its unique pink hue and delivers a lovely apple, cranberry, and rhubarb tartness with a sweet baked apple aroma and
a dry, refreshing finish.

The Gift They Didn’t Know They Needed

We’re dying to tell you about this one.

Have you heard of Pommeau? It’s an 18% ABV aperitif made by blending cider with apple brandy. It has the crisp, palette- pleasing zing of cider contrasted with the heady, decadent oomph of apple brandy.

We’ve been aging a limited batch in white oak barrels for three years, and it’s finally ready, just in time for the holidays.

It’s not only a great conversation starter but also a perfect gift that pairs just as well with fruit and cheese before a big holiday meal as it does with every decadent dessert you’re bound to run into this month.

We’ve poured this uber-limited sipper into beautifully-labeled 375ml bottles that are then finished with a festive silver wax cap, and at $30, Pommeau is a no-brainer slam-dunk gift.

Available only in the Lost Giants Tap Room, Pommeau is a blend of Marechal, Brown Snout, and Dabinett Apples, with an apple brandy addition that’s been barrel-aged for three years in white oak.

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